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What are the advantages of color masterbatch and toner?

Update time:2022-03-15    Views:499

1. Improve the environmental pollution problem brought by toner, it is easy to change color during use, and it is easy to clean the extruder material.

2, targeted, correct color matching. Since the color master manufacturing plant has been used to properly select the pigment (dye) auxiliaries, processing equipment, processing, processing, processing, processing, processing, and timely conducting the color difference of different batch numbers in the production process during the manufacturing process. Correct, complement, and factory, then the test can be performed, so you can guarantee the color mother of the same grade, and the two batches of colors are relatively stable before and after.

3, compared to the batch of resin drying granules, the use of color master can reduce the resin performance aging caused by the secondary processing of plastic products, which is conducive to the increase in the service life of plastic products.

The advantage of using color master is in the process of processing, and the pigment is fully blended with the carrier resin under the action of the aid. When used, at a certain proportion of the resin to be processed, the color mother quickly enters the role, and the resin recognizes "family" affinity-compatibility is significantly better than the color powder coloring, therefore, for the production of film and spinning For manufacturers of products, it is better to understand that color mother grains also have its limitations. Due to fewer additions, the processing time of plastic products is short, the size of the extruder screw is limited, and the toner dispersibility is not as good as a toner. . More manufacturing processes, dyed interest is definitely higher than the color powder coloring. When the carrier in the color mother is different from the performance of the colored resin, the outer table of the plastic article often occurs unsubstantial points, spot, and pattern, and the use of the color mother is limited by its compatibility and dispersibility.

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