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Quality derivation of black masterbatch and species

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First, what is the factor of the quality of black masterbatch?

It is mainly coloring the plastic product, so the color is one of them. It is one of them. It can help us buy more satisfactory products will be better.

The quality of black masterbatch depends on its dispersibility, coverage, rheology, compatibility, stability, and brightness. High quality parent should have high dispersibility, strong cover, fluidity, good compatibility, uniform stability, and clear brightness. Black pellets can improve the dispersion of pigments, improve the pigment dyeing ability and gloss, enhance and toughening products. Black masterbatch significantly improves the process stability and physical properties of the product.

Second, the black masterbatch is generally divided into the following types:

1. Advanced injection black mother: can be used in black cosmetic plastic packaging boxes, plastic toys, electrical housings and other advanced products.

2. Ordinary injection black mother: used for general black daily plastic products, industrial plastic containers, etc.

3. Advanced blown film black mother: It is used for the blow molding of ultra-thin products, such as black plastic bags, black plastic film, etc.

4. Ordinary blown film black masterbatch: used in general black plastic packaging bags, braided coloring of woven bags.

5. Spinning black mother: used in black textile fiber spinning colors, color master pigment particles, high concentration, strong color, heat resistance, and good light resistance.

6. Low-level black mother: low-level products for black manufacturing for high quality requirements, such as trash cans, low-level containers, etc.

7. Dedicated Black Maternal: It is the color mother produced as the carrier according to the plastic variety specified by the user. For example, the PP color mother, ABS color master is selected as a carrier. General with a generic mother: also uses some kind of resin (often a low melting point PE) as a carrier, but it can be applied to the coloring of other resins other than its carrier resin.

8, universal black mother: universal color mother is relatively simple and convenient, but there are many shortcomings, it is recommended that users choose special colors. The heat-resistant grade of the dedicated color master is generally adapted to the plastic used for the article, at normal temperature, can be used with confidence. The only difference in different degrees will be caused in the following cases, one is that the temperature is exceeded, and the first is too long.

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