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How to control the color difference in the production process of color master materials!

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As a concentrated colorant, the color master is used in the application, and the plastic product is colored in the application, so the color difference control itself is important. For the manufacturer of the color master, the color difference of the color master is always the key to affect the quality of the color master, which is mainly reflected in the sample. The color difference between the batch products, and the existence of different batch times Color difference. Since the user's quality problem of the color master material is strong, the color difference control is also an important part of the quality management of the color master plant.

There are two aspects of color drift, and there are two aspects: one is coloring; the other is color control, especially the control of raw materials control and production and processing conditions. The following is a brief introduction to the causes and solutions of color difference.

(1) The batch of pigments is a general problem that the domestic pigment is generally existed. The method of solving the unstable domestic pigment quality is to strictly enter the factory inspection. The grade of the ink method for the factory inspection of the pigment factory can be used as acceptance standards, approximate levels, ultimate collapse, slightly similar, and similar levels.

(2) The degree of dispersion in the hot-term plastic medium is associated with the pigment's wetting effect and the shear force at the time of dispersion, and if the pigment is dispersed, it will cause a coloring force to deteriorate. For this purpose, the operation step should be checked to make the kneading or mixing process stabilize.

(4) The calculation, weighing and blending of the original auxiliary material, so the meter should be checked, and the formula calculation and weighing technique should be correctly checked.

(5) Many colors of masterbatch have chromatic aberration, which is especially obvious that the color masterbatch and the low color material of light colored masterbatch and pigment content are particularly significant for the pigment problem. Therefore, the carrier resin is selected, and the carrier is not changed without changing the processing and using conditions (which can be added to the resin).

(6) The degree of influence of various types of additives on the color of the Z final article should be confirmed in advance.

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